Weekend Youth Hockey Clinics

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Our weekend clinicsare a fun and effective way to improve many aspects of your game.

Ty Hennes Girls Only Camp
Checking Clinics
Snipers Shooting Camp

Ty Hennes Girls Only Camp

July 29th and 30th

Sno-King girls hockey is thrilled to announce an upcoming camp designed for girls only, lead by Pittsburgh Penguins Head Skills Coach Ty Hennes. Ty is the best in the business and knows how to get the most out of Sidney Crosby and youth players!! Please register soon as this camp will fill up fast!

July 30 (Fri) 1:45-3pm

July 31 (Sat) 2:45-4pm

Costs:  $99

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July 30 (Fri) 12:15-1:30pm

July 31st (Sat)  1:15-2:30pm  / 4:15-5:30pm

Costs: $125

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Safety and Body Contact Clinics

This clinic includes off ice checking, video and two hours of on ice. It is designed for the hockey player ages 6 to 14 years old.  In the game of hockey it is important to know how to give and receive a check for obvious safety concerns.  In fact, 87% of all injuries that occur in hockey are directly related to body checking. Effective use of the body becomes more important at the older ages, learning good technique at an early age is critical. Availability is limited.

Mandatory for all 12U players entering 14U

Body Contact (8U 10U 12U) Recommended for all levels including Recreation
This section teaches safety, angling, stick checks, sweep checks, poke checks, puck protection, winning the one on one battles and separating your opponent from the puck while regaining control of the puck. We separate students into similar ages and skill sets.

Body Checking (14U) Mandatory for 12U Players entering 14U Select
This section teaches safety, angling, how to give and receive a check, hip checks, pinching, puck protection, winning the one on one battles,  separating your opponent from the puck and some defensive strategies.  We separate students into similar ages and groups.

July 18th

Cost: $100

June 22nd

Cost: $100

August 15th

Cost: $100

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Snipers Shooting Camp

August 6th and 7th

During our 2 day clinic we will break down each shot into proper body positions, hand position on the stick, the shot and follow-through along with strategies for targeting and shot situations and selection. Within these drills, we will be teaching the players the following… · Shooting power, velocity, and release · Puck management, protection, and confidence · Shooting accuracy, release speed and consistency · Shooting deception and reading the goalie · Shot methods and shooting selection · Proper hand and body positioning · Proper follow through and head position/vision 2 hours of ice time daily

Aug 6th and 7th
6pm to 8:15pm

Cost: $70 per session

Soldout – Waitlist Option