Equipment Rental and Purchase Information

Full hockey gear is required for Learn to Play-Hockey 1 (LTP-H1), Learn to Play-Hockey 2 (LTP-H2) and Learn to Play-Late Start (LTP-LS).

Understanding what is needed for hockey equipment and how to dress your child can be complicated! Below you will find suggestions regarding equipment and how to dress your child.

Required Equipment

The registration fee for LTP-H1 and LTP-H2 includes a Sno-King practice jersey and socks. Players will borrow/return a stick each week.

The registration fee for LTP-LS includes a Sno-King practice jersey that is given mid-way through the class. Players will need to purchase a helmet, stick, and skates along with the other basic equipment listed below.

The following is a basic list of equipment that is included in gear rental:

  • Shin pads
  • Hockey pants
  • Shoulder pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Hockey gloves
  • Skates
  • Stick (LTP-LS only, or if opting not to use the stick included in LTP-H1/H2 registration fee)

Please note helmet with ear guards and cage/visor is NOT INCLUDED but is needed to participate

The Pro Shop also has these recommended items in stock:

  • Garter belt or a athletic support short/pant with velcro tabs
  • Socks that work well in your players skatesSock tape (if not using an athletic support short/pant with Velcro tabs)
  • Hockey Socks (to go over shin pads)
  • Hockey stick tape
  • Neck guard
  • Bandana or sweat band
  • Towel
  • Water bottle

Equipment Options

There are two options when it comes to equipment, gear rental or gear purchase:

Gear rental (offered for active LTP-H1 and LTP-H2 participants ONLY) allows your child to try hockey with minimal cost. We will make every effort to outfit your player in the best fitting gear available at the time of the gear fitting appointment. All used gear is sanitized before being rented out again. NOTE: ALL RENTAL GEAR MUST BE RETURNED and players will need to purchase their own gear once they transition into SKAHA league play (or if they leave Sno-King). Rental gear is only available to players who are registered in a current LTP-H1 or LTP-H2 session.

Once you register make an appointment at whatever location is convenient for you either Renton or Kirkland for your fitting.

Gear purchase is a true investment in the sport. It’s always a treat to put on new gear and know that the only sweat that will be on the gear is your own. Our gear partner, Elevate Sporting, offers competitive pricing and is happy to work with any budget. In addition, they offer a ONE TIME 25% off discount on gear purchases for FIRST-TIME, NEW LTP-H1/H2/LS PLAYERS ONLY. (Proof of first-time registration is required to receive the discount and is good for a one time first transaction/purchase. Please bring a copy of your registration.) If for some reason it turns out that your child no longer wants to continue playing hockey after attending their first class, Elevate will buy-back the gear at 70% of the purchase price. This buy-back option is only available for one week after the first class of the hockey session the player is registered for.

To purchase equipment contact Elevate Sporting Goods & Equipment by visiting one of their Pro Shops at either the Sno-King Renton or Sno-King Snoqualmie locations, or at their stand alone retail location in Bellevue, or go to their website at

Questions regarding purchasing gear? Contact Elevate Sporting at one of the emails below.

Renton Rink: [email protected]
Snoqualmie Rink: [email protected]
Bellevue Retail:[email protected]

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