Adult Figure Skating at Sno-King Ice Arenas

Ages 18+ years

Whether you want to learn to glide across a frozen pond or have dreams of being in the Olympics, Learn to Skate is the place to start. As you build your foundation in ice skating you will begin to explore the different disciplines of figure skating and will find which path you want to take.

Before you can become a figure skater, you need to learn how to ice skate. Learn to Skate offers beginner skating lessons to skaters of all ages and abilities by way of a trusted, standardized curriculum endorsed by U.S. Figure Skating, USA Hockey and US Speedskating.

Aspire offers skaters an affordable, comprehensive package program in a safe and supportive group training environment. Skaters will learn proper skill development and training techniques while sampling different skating opportunities and fine-tuning their fundamental skating skills. Programming differs depending on your location, but all programs are designed to help skaters learn to train like a figure skater.

Private lessons are available for one on one time with a coach to polish elements and move ahead through skills. Private lessons can be for any skater – Learn to Skate, Aspire, or Advanced. We offer a list of coaching staff available for private lessons. The skater is responsible for contracting lesson time with a coach. Coaches charge lesson fees independently.

There are five separate disciplines in competitive figure skating: men’s singles, ladies singles, pairs, ice dancing and synchronized skating. Each discipline offers multiple levels for competition and testing, with each level building on similar techniques and adhering to level-specific rules and guidelines. Skaters are not limited to one discipline and may choose to test and compete in multiple disciplines.

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