Summer Sparkle Exhibition and Family BBQ

Saturday, July 30

Time: 1 pm – 4pm

One of the best parts of figure skating is showcasing your skills in front of a captive audience. Sno-King Ice Arenas hosts recitals and competitions throughout the year, and we encourage all of our figure skaters to participate.

It’s your time to shine! Join us for our first annual summer exhibition and family gathering!

Athletes are invited to perform their competitive programs from this season, or create something fantastic and new with their coach!

Not ready to go solo? We will be offering a group number as well. Group numbers will be assigned by level. Each group will be assigned a choreographer and rehearsal time, this is included in your entry fee.

This exhibition is open to athletes currently taking private lessons.

* Space is limited to 1 solo + a group number, or 1 group number only

After the party, it’s the after party! Once the on-ice celebration of skill has ended, head outside for a family gathering and pot luck BBQ. Growing up in the rink is the best experience. The community we build as skaters and skating parents is one that will last a lifetime. Let’s celebrate together!

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Registration closes July 15th