asked questions


How do I create a new bond account?

On our website click the Sign up button in the top righthand corner and sign a waiver on behalf of you and your family. This will automatically create a Bond account.

Why does it say my username already exists?

If you or someone in your family had punch passes or credits in Daysmart an account was created for you. You will just need to reset your password to access

Why are you making this change?

We value your time and feedback and know that prior software solutions didn't meet expectations for the quality user experience we want to provide. Our team researched the industry and found Bond Sports to be one of the best partners and solutions in the industry.

Does Bond have an app?

No it does not, but the website can be accessed via a browser on your mobile phone or tablet.

What if I made a registration in Daysmart that is on or after Friday Feb 24th?

Front office will have all registrations made in daysmart for easy check in

Do families have different emails and accounts?

Bond provides easy management of family accounts. For a family account you will have one main email and add your family members to that account.

How do I access the calendar for my location?

On the top right hand corner of your facility location website select the calendar icon

Why can't I see my booking in the calendar on the website?

Our website calendar displays program bookings only, not customer bookings.

Why can't I register from the calendar? I select join session and receive an error?

This feature is currently for pass holders only. go to Programs to register or purchase punch passes if you want to register from the calendar for stick n puck, free style and public skating.

Why are my passes all under my name? I want to divide them between my children?

Bond does not share passes between family members. During the transition period we will move passes for customers between accounts. Email

I have punch passes on my account where can I go to register?

You must register from the calendar. Click the calendar icon in the top righthand corner of the website

I had passes in Daysmart that are not in my new bond account?

We are sorry you are experiencing this issue. Please email