Aspire  Academy

Transitions to more serious figure skating.

Class Levels:

Bridge: Basic 5 – Pre-Free skate

Aspire: Free Skate 1-3

Class structure:

30 min. Freestyle session

30 min. of on-ice skills

30 min. of off-ice skills

Thursday’s group can take the ice at 4:15 for warm-up.

Saturday’s group can take the ice at 8:30 for warm-up.

You will check-in at the front counter the first few weeks of class.

Arrive early each week, allowing time for warm-up.

Includes the cost of the freestyle session. When arriving you will check-In at the front counter. You will want to tell the monitor that you are a part of the Bridge-Aspire Program. Class meets on the ice near the hockey box on the skate rental side of the facility.

Off-Ice Portion of Class: Please bring and or wear

Water, shoes appropriate for running and jumping, Yoga Mat (not required).


STRIVE for excellence
PERFORM for family & friends
INSPIRE yourself and others
REACH new levels
ENJOY the sport of ice skating!

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