Learn to Hockey Skate at Sno-King Ice Arena – Renton

The hockey curriculum is designed to teach the beginner the basic principles of hockey skating. Within these levels, skaters will learn the fundamentals, maneuver faster, develop edge work and increase agility. All elements will be taught without a Puck. These are the necessary building blocks to be successful in game situations. Skaters in Hockey 1 & 2 will be learning in “regular” skates (rental figure skates): Figure skating blades are designed to be longer and are gently curved. This design helps with balance. The curve of the blade (known as the rocker) is at the ball of the foot and are therefore easier to learn in. Hockey skate blades are more strongly curved and the rocker is set in the middle of the foot. This configuration makes hockey skates easier to generate speed in, turn, and stop. Once basic skating has been achieved in Hockey 1 & 2, the transition to the hockey skate will begin in Hockey 3.demonstrated.

Dates:  January 8th to March 12th

Day of Week: Sundays

Time: 10:15am to 11am

Skip Dates: February 19th

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