Broomball at Sno-King Ice Arena

Looking for a fantastic team building experience?

Sno-King Ice Arenas offers broomball to any group looking for a fun way to build relationships and develop team skills. Broomball is a GREAT way to have fun with Church Groups, Co-workers, Friends and Family! You Don’t even need to know how to skate, because its played in street shoes!

Broomball is a game played on an ice rink. The game is a cross between ice hockey and soccer. Each team’s objective is to score as many goals in the net as possible.

Here are the steps for playing Broomball:

We have over 50 broomsticks available for your enjoyment. Groups can be as little as 6-8 or as many as 50. Start by splitting your teams in half… most groups will have six people per team on an ice rink at a time. There will be five people playing on the ice and one goalie per team. Each team starts off on the side of their own net in order to defend it, and then shoots for the far net.

Wear appropriate clothing and gear. You’ll need:

  • a helmet (we have helmets available if need be however sizing is limited)
  • layered clothing and clean tennis shoes – dirt on your shoes can ruin the ice and leave your spikes at home. They are not allowed on the ice
  • Each team should wear similarly colored shirts

Play 20 to 25 minutes per half with a five-minute halftime. The referee can act as time keeper. Determine how long the half will be before you begin. Most groups rent the ice for one hour.

Use your stick or broom properly. The broom is used to shoot and pass the regulation ball. The broom should remain below the waist. Hold on to the broom. Throwing your broom is not only against the rules, but dangerous.

Shoot for the opponents net and score. The team with the most goals wins!

Broomball is best for players ages 12 and up