Snoqualmie only

Spring 2024 session Begins in Mid-April

Registration opens March 25
Priority registration for returning Winter 2024 skaters opens March 23

Spring Class Schedules & More Information Coming Soon!

Snoqualmie Stars Training Academy is a group training experience for our pre-competition and competitive athletes. The peer to peer, community training model is exclusive to the Sno-King Ice Arenas Snoqualmie location.

program details

90-minute, on and off-ice circuit classes are designed to train skating skills, technique refinement, jumps, spins, and presentation. Each training session includes 60 minutes of on-ice training and 30 minutes of off-ice.

On ice class groups will be divided by level and rotate the circuit every 15 minutes between our elite coaching staff. Off-ice programs will be different each week, and will introduce valuable training from ballet, spin class, choreography, conditioning, and more.

2023/24 Level Requirements

  • Bronze
    • Minimum Level: Basic 6. Must have good quality forward and backward crossovers.
    • Elements: Advanced 1 foot spin, Introductory development of Waltz Jump, Toe-loop, and Salchow
  • Silver:
    • Minimum Level Pre- Academy Plus
    • Elements: Upright “Scratch” Spin, Introductory development of Sit and Camel spins. Mastery of Waltz Jump, toe-loop, and Salchow. Development of Loop and Flip Jump
  • Gold:
    • Minimum Level: Freeskate 4
    • Elements: All Single jumps: Loop, Flip, Lutz. Mastery of all 3 basic spin positions held for 3 revolutions (Min) and developmental advancement of difficult variations of spins. Progression toward or has passed pre-preliminary skating skills test or equivalent.
  • Platinum:
    • Minimum level: Passed Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills test. Must have consistent Axel Jump OR Passed preliminary Skating Skills test or higher.
    • Elements: Axel refinement, foundations of multi-revolution jumps, flying spins, advanced steps and turns, IJS
  • Diamond:
    • Minimum level: Pre-Juvenile Skating Skills test, 2 consistent double jumps
    • Elements: Double jump refinement, Combination jumps, IJS Leveled Spins

Requests for advancement may only be made by the skaters coach. Skaters advancement will be fairly managed based on the foundations of the listed expectations. Skaters coming from other countries or governing bodies will be assessed on their first day of class and added to the correct group.