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2024 Summer exhibitions

Beat the heat and join us for Sno-King Ice Arenas’ annual Summer Exhibitions! Skaters will dazzle the audience and showcase their talents with festive performances that capture the joy of the season.

Summer Soulful Sizzle

July 26, 2:00pm-6:30pm
Sno-King Ice Arenas Kirkland

Grab your creative cap and select your music. We encourage everyone to participate. Every participant can have a solo, skate with a friend or with a group! Dedicate your skating program to someone special!

Summer Sparkle Exhibition & Family Potluck

July 27, 1:00pm
Sno-King Ice Arenas Snoqualmie

Joins us for our 3rd annual Summer Sparkle Exhibition & Family Potluck! Skaters of all levels are invited to show off the program of choice, or skate with your friends in a duet or trio! The sky is the limit, and fun is what its all about!

Once the on-ice celebration of skill has ended, you are invited for a family gathering and pot luck BBQ. Growing up in the rink is the best experience. The community we build as skaters and skating parents is one that will last a lifetime. Let’s celebrate together!