SSTA Summer Intensive Begins July 8

Registration now open

Designed to meet the needs of our athletes as they continue to grow, Snoqualmie’s signature Summer Intensive offers curated classes for three different skill groups.

High Performance Track
Athletes with constant axels and double jumps, or a minimum of the Pre-Juvenile Skating Sills Test (Diamond & Platinum SSTA levels)
Prerequisite: Axel and Double jumps, Preliminary Skating Skills

Competitive Track
For Pre-Axel athletes with constant single jumps. Must have passed the Pre-preliminary skating Skills test
Prerequisite: All Single Jumps Pre-Prliminary Skating Skills

Bronze & Silver Track
For pre-test athletes who are currently landing a loop jump, and can do and can perform an upright “scratch” spin.
Prerequisite: Loop Jump

Full season discount available for Competitive and High Performance tracks. Must pre-register for full season (28 sessions) upfront to receive full season discount.

Theatre on Ice


Off Ice Training

  • Rotation & Jump training
  • Strength Conditioning
  • Yoga
  • Ballet & Artistry
  • Classroom Education

On Ice Training

  • IJS program Components
  • IJS Spins
  • Jump training
  • Power & Speed for Jump Patterns (High Performance Track only)
  • Ice Dance
Theatre on Ice

sample agenda

9:15 am – Warm-up
9:45 am – Edge Class
10:15 am – Edge Jumps
10:45 am – Freestyle
11:15 am – Lunch
12:00 pm – Freestyle
12:30 pm – IJS Spins
1:15 pm – Conditioning
1:45 pm – End of Day

Theatre on Ice


  • Athletes must be independent to participate. Daily schedules will be posted, and all participants are responsible to get themselves from class to class.
  • Freestyle sessions designated as part of your Intensive package cannot be traded for other sessions.
  • There are no refunds, credits, unless injury occurs.
  • A doctors note must be submitted for credit in case of injury
  • Food is not provided
  • Skaters must be registered for the exact level appropriate for them.
  • All skaters must be in proper skating/fitness attire & hair must to pulled back, completely off their face.