Freestyle Schedules, Pricing, & Protocol

We offer daily freestyle skating sessions for figure skaters. These sessions allow skaters to practice and train advanced skating skills, choreography, jumps, and spin techniques.  Pre-registration is required.  You do not need to be accompanied by a coach to utilize practice time.

Drop-in Fee:
30 minutes – $10

Pre-paid Package Pricing:

60 Sessions – $390
40 Sessions – $280
20 Sessions – $150

Skaters must pre-register, pay and check-in before each session.  If a skater decides to stay for an additional session they must leave the ice and register/pay and check-in again.

• All skaters on Sno-King Arena freestyle sessions must hold current membership with US Figure Skating,
Learn to Skate USA, or the Ice Skating Institute.
• All skaters must pre-register through the DASH app. You may not register at the front desk.
• Skaters must check in upon arrival
• Skaters must enter and exit the ice at their designated time.
• All times are subject to change and may be cancelled at the discretion of the General Manager.
• Parents, guests, and skaters NOT skating on the session may not watch or stand at the glass or benches.
This is unsafe and it interferes with a constructive training session. We kindly ask that you watch from the
balcony or upstairs viewing area.
• Coaching by parents from the bleachers, benches, or glass is NOT allowed at any time. Parents will be
asked to leave the arena if this happens.
• The benches by the ice are to be used by the skaters and coaches only.
• If skaters must talk to someone off the ice, even if for a brief time, they need to get off the ice to do so or
the skater will be asked to leave the ice.
• If you wish to skate with your child, please do so on public sessions or on a designated family session.
• For the privacy of others, if you wish to record your child, please request permission of your coach first.
• Refunds or account credit will only be given at the discretion of facility management.

• Follow the counterclockwise direction of traffic unless in a lesson, program, or practicing a skill that requires
the opposite direction.
• Music will be played on a fair rotation, those in a lesson have the right to “bump” one time.
• Who has the Right of Way?
1) Skaters running their program with music (Must wear a sash)
2) Skaters in a lesson
3) Skaters setting up a jump pattern
• Spins should be done in the center of the ice between blue lines and the face off circles.
• Avoid standing in the center of the ice. Please move to the dasher boards when not moving
• Clean up after yourself. Dispose of all tissues and water bottles when you are done
• Look both ways and watch out for others
• Be patient with less experienced skaters
• No breakable containers are allowed rink side
• Skaters, Parents, and Coaches will always show respect for each other and the facility
• The rink maps below show the international standard for direction of travel at all ice arenas
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