Adult Hockey Camps

Ages 18+ years

Throughout the year, both during the season and during the off-season we offer a variety of hockey camps and clinics for adult players. Many of these camps are staffed by Sno-King personnel with additional staffing from other former players.

This year’s Holiday Hockey Camp instructors will be Mark Whitney (Sno-King Skills Coach) and Jamie Huscroft.

There are opportunities for all skill level and we cover a broad range of activities from skating stick handling checking skills shooting, defense, 3 x 3, goaltending and other fundamentals.

Adult Holiday Hockey Camps

December 19th to 21st

Increase your gameplay knowledge and skills. This 3-day clinic is designed to help you develop your positional play in all three zones of the game. Discover offensive and defensive options, work on breakout proficiency, and know what to look for and what to do in different game-type situations. This camp is for Div C-D skaters:
  • Breaking out of you own end of the ice 
  • D-Zone coverage 
  • O-Zone forecheck
  • Faceoffs 
  • Power play setup 
  • Penalty kill setup and transition 
  • 1 v 1 
  • 2 v 1 
  • 2 v 2 
  • 3 v 2 

Pre-requisite: ALTP 2 , Div C -D 

December 19th, 20th and 21st
Times: 8:15pm to 9:45pm
Cost: $120
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