Drop In Hockey – Stick N Puck

Stick & Puck is a public session and provides a perfect opportunity for hockey players of all ages to focus on skill development. Required equipment for Stick & Puck participants include a helmet (full face cage or visor for participants under 18 years of age), gloves, elbow pads, shin pads, and full length pants. Coaches required equipment include a helmet, gloves, and full length pants. Full hockey equipment is recommended! Participants must supply their own pucks. Private instruction may take place during Stick & Puck however all coaches must wear helmets and full length pants. Full ice games/scrimmages are not permitted during Stick & Puck sessions.

NEW Learn to Play Stick N Puck Sessions are now available at all locations!

  • All players must be in full gear for a Stick n Puck Sessions.
  • All times are subject to change by the general manager.
  • These sessions are for individuals looking to come out and work on individual skills.
  • The current arena policies and guidelines that are in place must be followed, these can be reviewed on the website, some of these include: skaters must maintain social distance at all times while on the ice.
  • 30 skaters will be allowed on the ice per session
  • Registration can be done online or drop in and pay at the front office depending on availability.

Ages 6 & up


5 & Under

10 Sessions

20 Sessions

Purchase Instructions:
Create a dash account or Log-in
1. Sign-in
2. Go to the top and click on “memberships”
3. Click on “purchase a pass”
4. Choose the package you would like to purchase (Stick N Puck)

*All prices are subject to change

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Additional Drop-In Fun

Location: Snoqualmie Rink A
Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate, Div D/C,Adult LTP 2/3
Weekday: Friday
Start Time: 8:30pm
Duration: 75 minutes

Please email [email protected] for additional information

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Location: Snoqualmie (Rink B)
Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate, Entry Adult LTP 2/3, Div E/D/C
Weekday: Thursday
Start Time: 8:45pm
Duration: 75 minutes

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Location: Renton Small Ice
Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced Div D/C/B Adult LTP 2/3
Weekday: Mondays
Start Time: 8:40pm
Duration: 90 minutes

Improve your hockey skills in shooting, passing, puck handling, break ins/ outs, defense, dekes, and decision making. Skill focus rotates every three weeks from above list. Class will be half drills and half pond hockey 3v3 scrimmage with goalies to practice skills at game speed. Email [email protected] to get added to the weekly email list for the lesson plan that week!

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Location: Kirkland
Weekday: Monday
Start Time: 9:25pm
Duration: 75 minutes

Please email [email protected] for additional information

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