Adult Learn to Play

Hockey 1 and 2 for ages 18+

Ever want to give hockey a try? Looking for a night out to try something new, have fun and get some bonus exercise at the same time? Perhaps you used to play hockey and want to improve on your skills? Or maybe you part of an Adult hockey league and interested in getting an improved edge on the ice?

Join our CO-ED Adult Learn to Play Beginner or Intermediate sessions!

Adult Learn to Play Hockey 1

Beginner Co-ed

BEGINNER CO-ED Adult Learn to Play Hockey 1 is for those women and men who have never played hockey before or for those who have very little experience. This 10 weeks class is the first step to entering our SKAHL or our PHL. At least 30 minutes of each hour will focus on the most important part of hockey, skating. Each week participants will progress on the basics of the forward and backward skating stride, stopping, puck control, passing and shooting. Each practice is designed for players to practice their skills at their own pace. Registration does not include equipment. Cost: $300 plus $30 jersey and socks

Adult Learn to Play 2

Intermediate Co-ed

INTERMEDIATE CO-ED Adult Learn to Play 2 Hockey is designed for those women and men who have completed a Learn to Play series in the past, and/or are currently participating in any type of organized hockey. This class will focus on advanced edgework, stickhandling, and shooting skills, as well as game situations and on ice positioning. Registration does not include equipment. We offer classes for your convenience at all 3 locations.  Cost: $300

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Adult Learn to Play Requirements and FAQ’s:

Players must provide the following for any Adult LTP sessions:

  • Helmet with cage
  • Gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, shin pads, jock/jill, hockey pants
  • Hockey stick
  • Hockey skates

You will need to purchase the following gear separately:

  • Sock Tape
  • Stick Tape
  • Athletic Socks
  • Under Armour
  • Jock / Jill

Can be purchased at Elevate Sports Pro Shop

Elevate Sporting and Elevate Proshops (which are in our rinks) deal in New and Used gear. More so at their stand alone shops in Bellevue and Tacoma, they can often fit used equipment for newer players at a fraction of the price as what it may cost new. Elevate will also buy back or consign most gear from those who either don’t want to continue playing or want to upgrade their gear in the future. This allows for a bit of minimized risk similar to that of renting.  For ALTP-1 players only.

 “I’m new to hockey but want to only play goalie”

In order to get in net as fast as possible and have fun is to develop a level of skating and edge work therefore you will need to work on basic skating then transition into the net.

 “I’m a low -intermediate level goalie and want to practice”

Contact our Goalie Coach Darin Campbell for information regarding Goalie Camps and Clinics

Still have questions? Contact Jesse Champers, Adult Learn to Play Hockey Director

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