Private Lessons

Take Your Skating to the Next Level

At Sno-King Renton we provide for and authorize all coaching instructors. We offer a diverse and highly qualified coaching staff. Our dedicated coaching staff is here to assist you with your skating and training needs. Private lessons can be started at any level!

Skaters looking for extra ice-time featuring one-on-one instruction to develop a specific skill can contact a member of our coaching staff for private lessons. Our coaches are a diverse group of individuals united by a common goal: to share their skating experience and passion for the sport with skaters of all ages and abilities.

All our instructors are qualified. Most instructors teach in 15, 20 or 30-minute increments. All lessons are scheduled directly with the individual coaches. Instructor fees are payable directly to the coach at the time of the lesson.

Ice time fees are not included in the private lesson fees and are to be paid to the Arena prior to the lesson.

Please contact any of our coaches directly regarding their experience, teaching/coaching philosophies, availability, and fees. You may also fill out our Private Lesson Request form and our skate director will connect you with an appropriate coach.

Find A Private Skating Instructor In Renton

Stacey Castonguay

Stacey Castonguay

Director of Coaching Staff

In the over 20 years that I have been teaching figure skating at Sno-King Renton, my teaching style has always been positive reinforcement and encouragement; I teach my students by reinforcing correct techniques. It is important to instill the belief in my students that hard work and dedication result in positive skating and life skills. My goal is to help skaters find a love for skating like I have, that will last their entire skating journey.

Heather Robinson

Heather Robinson

Director of Skating School

Figure skating has been my lifelong passion. With over 14 years of coaching experience, it is my mission to share a love of the sport with students of all ages and abilities. Whether skating to compete, test or get a great workout, the time we spend together instills more than a strong work ethic. It builds a high level of confidence that extends far beyond the ice. As a former competitive figure skater, competing all over the country and abroad for 10 years, I had the pleasure of training under both national and internationally ranked Olympic coaches. Today, I’m proud to have led multiple regional medalists and champions to their titles. In addition to being PSA and U.S. Figure Skating certified, I specialize in freestyle, ice dance, moves in the field, choreography and off-ice fitness — both independently and as part of a coaching team. Figure skating is a wonderful sport and I believe it’s never too late, and almost never too early, to lace up a pair of skates and fly!

Robyn Lane

Robyn Lane

My teaching style includes deep focus and deep practice on the ice, as well as a safe and fun learning environment for students of all ages and levels. I have 38 years of skating experience, have coached for 22 years, trained under world class coaches, and toured with Disney on Ice. Skating is my passion.

Flo Steed

My primary goal is to create a hard-working, positive, and fun environment for skaters of all ages and levels to pursue their love of skating. I welcome my students’ input so we can work together to create a program that is specific to their goals. My job as coach is to demonstrate effective leadership, instill confidence, and put the skater’s welfare and development first.

Kati Christopher

My goal is to pass on my love and passion for the sport of figure skating to each and every one of my skaters. I want each skater to truly enjoy their time on the ice and have fun! I believe parents should be involved in a supportive and positive role. I will always look out for the well-being of the skater. That includes mentally, emotionally as well as physically.

Valerie Buck

Whether your goal is to try skating for a season or compete in competitions, I will help you jump into the sport. My techniques vary depending on age, stage of development, and goals of the skater; always count on positive reinforcement and a lot of laughs with each lesson.

Rachel LaFonte

Rachel LaFonte

My teaching methodology is a blended style that uses demonstrations, videos, drawings, props and other activities to match the personality, interests and learning style of each student. I strive to create a safe and fun learning environment for my students to grow with whatever goal each student may have.

Shannon Shopshire

Skating has been my passion for over 20 years. I feel very lucky to be able to pass my love of the sport on to incoming skaters. My skating experience includes being a junior national competitor and a US Figure Skating double Gold Medalist.

As an adult skater, I believe skating can be a lifelong sport. My coaching experience has led me to coach skaters of all ages and levels. My coaching technique is heavily centered around goal-setting and having fun along the way, so skaters take away lifelong skills as well as a love for the sport.

Willa Zhao

I aspire to help each one of my skaters reach their personal skating goals. I believe that goals are individualized for each skater and adjust my coaching style accordingly. I coach skaters of all ages and levels! Skating has always been my passion and form of expression, and I want to give skaters the environment to find their love for skating. I am a strong believer that skating teaches someone skills both on-the-ice and off-the-ice whether that is goal-setting or perseverance. I have over 10 years of coaching experience and love every second I spend on the ice!

Lauren Kinyon

Lauren Kinyon

My teaching style includes positive reinforcement and encouragement, making it fun for students to learn to skate. I like to take a hands-on approach to guide my students to learn proper techniques, movement, memorization, and artistry.

Michelle Murphy-Cruz

I have a life-long passion for skating, and I believe that this sport should be enjoyed by learners of all ages. My primary goal is to foster a love for skating and movement, and to help build confidence through goal-setting and incremental progress. I approach teaching with a focus on fundamental skating skills and body mechanics. As a skater, I continue to find joy in ongoing learning and development. I was a multiple-time regional medalist, sectional, and junior national competitor. I am a US Figure Skating quadruple gold medalist with experience in freestyle skating, ice dance, off-ice training, and performance and movement. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Sno-King Renton coaching team!

Ellie Cornwell

I am a former competitive figure skater from Texas competing all the way through the senior level. I traveled all over the country for competitions and had the ability to train under national and international Olympians. In addition to being PSA and US Figure Skating certified, I am a Senior Gold Medalist in both freestyle and moves in the field. My teaching style is very hands-on and visual. However, I adapt my teaching style based on my students’ learning styles! My ultimate goal in teaching skating is to share my love and passion for the sport with anyone who wants to learn.

Jenny Yoon

As a coach, I believe in using games and creativity to make learning fundamental skills enjoyable for my skaters. My approach aims to encourage them to challenge themselves while building a solid foundation. I understand that each skater has their own aspirations and dreams, and my priority is to create a safe and nurturing environment for them to make fun memories.