Summer skating School Begins july 1

Registration opens June 17 at 10:00am

Kirkland Summer Skating School offers various specialty on and off-ice classes for athletes looking to take their skating skills to the next level this summer! These classes aim to improve different aspects of skating performance, including technique, strength, flexibility, artistry, and overall athleticism.

Flexible drop-in options let you skate on your schedule, or purchase an UNLIMITED skills class membership and join as many on and off-ice skills classes as you want!

summer skating school UNLIMITED skills class Membership

  • Includes unlimited On-Ice and Off-Ice skills classes July 1-August 16 (Kirkland location only)
  • Must purchase membership by June 9, 2024, Unlimited Membership Fee: $400.00
  • Consult your coach on which group (skills A or B) is suitable for you
Kirkland Only

Available Skills Classes

Advanced skills training classes are not introductory and require a level of skill to participate. Your coach or the skating director will guide you to which classes are best suited for you.

Theatre on Ice

Solo Dance

Join Karen and discover the joy of solo ice dancing! This exciting class will help you elevate your solo ice dancing skills.

Sharpen your edge technique and conquer those turns and twizzles or take your first steps into the world of pattern dances and gain a foundation for more complex routines. No matter your skill level, this class offers a fun and encouraging space to learn and grow.

PREREQUISITES: Skaters must be Free Skate 3 or above in skill level

Theatre on Ice


Class focuses on on-ice techniques designed to elevate your jumps and rotations, growing your confidence on the ice.

PREREQUISITES: Free Skate 3 and higher

Theatre on Ice

Ice Theatre

Ice Theatre is a form of figure skating that combines the grace of figure skating with the excitement of theatre and dance. Known as “Ballet on Ice” in Europe, teams consist of 8 to 28 skaters on the ice telling a story together. Ice Theatre brings skaters together and gives athletes the chance to be a part of a team, perform and make new friends!

Theatre on Ice

on-ice skills A

Class is intense and for those skaters that are taking their skating skills to the next level. Class emphasis is on advanced edging and turns, sequences, spins, jump drills and power.

PREREQUISITES: Preliminary and higher

Theatre on Ice


Class emphasis is on advanced edging and turns, sequences, spins, jump drills and power.

PREREQUISITES: Free Skate 3 and higher

Theatre on Ice


Skaters will experience various disciplines such as Strength, conditioning, functional movement, ballet, and Latin dance.

PREREQUISITES: Must have passed Pre-Pre Moves in the Field

If registered for Skills B, you may be eligible to participate in Skills A Off-ice.

Theatre on Ice

off-ice skills B

Class emphasis is on basic strength-conditioning and jump and rotation exercises.


  • Aspire-High: 3-4
  • Aspire: 1-2
  • Bridge: Basic 5 – Pre-Free skate